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HIGHLIGHT: Critical Thinking for Business Growth

18th October 2017 09:00 - 12:00 Highlights
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Event description

This interactive workshop will look at:

• Some of the more common ways we go wrong in our thinking, including framing effects, confirmation bias and the availability heuristic.

• Developing some fundamental techniques in critical thinking: questioning the information, looking at the credibility of sources, engaging in hypothetical and counterfactual reasoning.

• Learning to differentiate between different forms of reasoning, showing how that affects the strength of conclusions, and how it can bring out hidden assumptions.

The aim is to develop a critical thinking 'toolkit' that gives a methodological basis for decisions, essential in conditions of change or conflict.

About the speaker

Antony Lamb , Antony Lamb

Antony's research is at the crossroads of political philosophy, law, and ethics. He is currently interested in the application of 'bottom-up' thinking skills - analysis, evaluation, criticism - to real-life problems and strategy development.
Antony's work for his Masters degree (Bristol) focused on a cluster of ethical problems - our responsibility to future humans, our responsibilities to animals, and the ethics of military responses to terrorism. He also holds a BA(Hons) First Class from Open University, and a PGCE in post-compulsory eduCation.

Antony has lectured for the lifelong learning departments at Cardiff and Bristol University, and also for Coleg Gwent.


The Growth Hub Oxstalls Campus Oxstalls Lane GL2 9HW

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